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Athens Distributing Company of Tennessee services the entire state of Tennessee. We have been in the wholesale Wine and Spirits business for over 70 years. All partners in the company are very active in the business and are committed to building solid relationships with our Suppliers and Customers.

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How Our Superior Sales Teams Work for You

Athens employs a very experienced sales team. We are proud to have many sales reps that have been with the company for 15, 20, 25 and even 30 years or more. They have built solid relationships with their customers and have the experience to close the sale. They are well trained with weekly product knowledge seminars and are supported by our award-winning in-house graphic design team. The graphic design team creates account-specific presentations and POP materials that we use with your materials to reinforce your brand identity.

Meet our Nashville, KnoxvilleChattanooga, and Memphis sales teams.

How We Use Technology to Work for You 

Our sales teams are only part of the story. We are leaders when it comes to using technology to connect customers and consumers with your products. Here are a few ways technology supports our sales program:

  • Our sales force is equipped with laptop computers to give our customers instant information about your products as well as up-to-the minute sales data and history for your brands.
  • We also use laptops to collect and share survey information.
  • We actively communicate via local Facebook and other social media services connecting consumers, retailers, brands, and events in the markets we serve.

How Our Longevity and State-wide Coverage Work for You

When you work with Athens, you work directly with the owners of the company. We are second, third, and fourth generation partners who are the decision makers for our distributor network and, as owners, we actively participate in all aspects of the business. We have been successful distributors since 1946. We use the knowledge and relationships from those years to build trust with our Suppliers and Customers.

Athens Distributing is the largest wholesaler in state of Tennessee. When you partner with Athens you have instant distribution of your products in 100% of the state.

Our facilities in each of our 4 locations are sized for their markets and equipped to handle your product efficiently and safely.

Memphis FacilityNashville FacilityChattanooga Facility

How You Can Get Started as a Supplier with Athens

We hope you are ready to take the next step.

  1. If you are interested in getting to know us better, email us. We will promptly respond with a call.
  2. Do a Brand Search of our products.
  3. Complete a Brand Registration form with the state of Tennessee. Download the form.